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Installation drawing of drip tape
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Installation drawing of drip tape

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1. According to the requirements of the design documents, comprehensively check the equipment model, specification, quantity and quality, and prohibit the use of unqualified products. The equipment to be installed shall be kept clean, and the plastic pipe shall not be thrown, dragged or exposed to the sun.

2. Install water meter, valve and filter according to design requirements and flow direction mark. The filter and the branch pipe are connected through a threaded straight connection.

3. Installation of threaded pipe fittings

Precautions for installation of drip irrigation system

Precautions for installation of drip irrigation system

Raw tape shall be wrapped and straight lock nut shall be tightened.

4。 Before the bypass installation, first use a special hole punch on the branch pipe。 When drilling, the perforator shall not be inclined, and the depth of the drill into the pipe shall not exceed 1 / 2 of the pipe diameter; then, the bypass shall be pressed into the branch pipe。

5. Cut the drip irrigation pipe (tape) according to the length slightly larger than the plant row, arrange the drip irrigation pipe (belt) along the plant row, and then connect one end with the bypass.

6。 After the installation of the drip pipe (belt), open the valve and wash the pipe with water, then close the valve; install the plug of the drip pipe (belt) at the end of the drip pipe (belt); and install the plug of the branch pipe at the end of the branch pipe。

7. The installation sequence of the whole drip system is: valve, filter, straight pipe, branch pipe, drilling, bypass, drip pipe (with), flushing pipe, plug.



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