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Installation method of gabion wall
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Installation method of gabion wall

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The installation of gabion net is divided into two aspects

1。 Installation of gabion net before finished product of gabion net

2. Gabion net shall be installed at the construction site before construction


Installation and construction site assembly of gabion net

Take out the cell of gabion net from the binding, and place it on the solid and flat ground. Correct the bent and deformed part by using pliers or artificial feet, and then flatten it to the original shape. The end plate should also be erected, and the long part of the end plate overlaps the side plate. Fix the corner points with edge steel wire extension section, ensure that the upper edge of Renault pad is on the same horizontal plane, and all vertical partitions and panels shall be perpendicular to the bottom plate.


Place gabion net before installation

(1) Before placing the gabion net before installation, first check whether the downhill ratio meets the design requirements of 1:3, and then set out to determine the placement position of Renault pad.

(2) When placing the middle gabion net for slope protection, the clapboard shall be parallel to the flow direction, and when it is used for channel bottom protection, the clapboard shall be perpendicular to the flow direction;

(3) The adjacent pad cells are connected by point binding to prevent the gap between the cells from causing unnecessary trouble for the later training filling and closing the cover plate, as shown in the figure below:


Stone filling after installation of gabion net

(1) During the construction on the slope surface, in order to prevent the stone materials from being affected by gravity or falling down manually during the construction process, the stone materials must be loaded from the slope toe to the top of the slope, and the stone materials on both sides of the adjacent partition and side plate should also be loaded at the same time.

(2) For the surface part of gabion net installation, stones with large particle size and smooth surface should be placed.




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