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The authoritative introduction of spiral pile/screw anchor
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The authoritative introduction of spiral pile/screw anchor

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The authoritative introduction of spiral pile/screw anchor

The screw anchor安徽快3 is a kind of drilling ground pile with screw characteristics, including bit / drill pipe / screw blade and connecting pipe, and the drill pipe is connected with the power source input joint; The pile can be driven into the ground directly as a pile body conveniently. The screw pile can penetrate and compact the soil around the pile hole, improve the side friction of the soil around the pile, and make the pile have strong bearing capacity, pull-out resistance, horizontal resistance, small deformation and good stability.


Characteristics of screw anchor:

1. According to the hot dip galvanizing specification of ISO 1461:1999, different materials shall be selected according to the environment and customers' needs. The materials produced by famous large-scale steel enterprises shall be selected for steel, and recycled steel shall not be used. In order to reach the highest quality index, strict quality control should be carried out.

2. The professional design products have passed the mechanical checking calculation, software simulation and stress test of the third-party organization by professional personnel, and the mechanical properties are guaranteed. According to the strict guidelines, the experimental data are tested by static load test, compression test, tensile test and lateral pressure test to evaluate the compression resistance, stability and durability of the product.

3. Compatibility with structure: different screw piles shall be adopted according to different requirements of customers. No need to damage the surrounding environment, no need to dig the land or pour cement, screw pile directly into the ground, greatly reducing the cost.

4. 100% environmental protection, recyclable, and no corruption cleaning cost. Migration is simple, fast, and can be moved anytime, anywhere, reducing the impact on the environment and minimizing the cost of migration.

5. Applicability to all soils no matter what soil (from clay to rock), applicable spiral piles can be found. The best cost performance 20 years quality assurance, beautiful and practical. The installation is simple, convenient and fast without field welding or processing. Each machine can install up to 200 screw piles every day.

6. Enter the ground vertically with a height accurate positioning accuracy of 1.5cm.


Production process

安徽快3The raw materials for production of spiral ground pile are Q235 welded pipe. Generally, the spiral ground pile can produce qualified ground pile through cutting, deformation, welding, pickling, hot-dip galvanizing and other processes. Pickling and hot-dip galvanizing are important anti-corrosion treatment processes, which directly affect the service life of the spiral ground pile. The processing level of the spiral ground pile directly determines the service life of the metal ground pile, such as whether the selected welded pipe has sand holes, whether there is faulty welding, and whether the weld width affects the future service life of the ground pile and the quality of the subsequent processing. Acid pickling is an important anti-corrosion foundation process, while the time of hot galvanizing and the thickness of the surface galvanizing layer affect the quality of the anti-corrosion treatment of the ground pile. In general, the spiral pile can be used for 20-30 years. The environment and use method of the use process also affect the service life of the ground pile, such as the acid-base degree of the soil, whether the operation process is proper or not, and improper use will lead to the damage of the metal ground pile surface, the damage of the metal protective layer, the acceleration of the corrosion of the metal ground pile, and the reduction of the service life.




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