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  • 安徽快3No fear of the epidemic, and create better sales performance

    With the global epidemic raging and the global trade being greatly impacted, Jinshi people made outstanding sales achievements in the 45 days of PK competition in March. Only if we are brave in innovation and constantly improve our business ability, can we stand firm in the face of crisis.

  • Plant support - Tomato Spiral and Tomato cage

    Tomato cage Usage:It gives the plants nature support,made them growing under control,take up less space and less susceptible to pests and diseases since the fruits are usually off the ground.Feature: it can be easily added, re-positioned or removed at any time throughout the growing season. Retainin

  • Installation drawing of drip tape

    1。 According to the requirements of the design documents, comprehensively check the equipment model, specification, quantity and quality, and prohibit the use of unqualified products。 The equipment to be installed shall be kept clean, and the plastic pipe shall not be thrown, dragged or exposed to t

  • Selection of traffic sign post: several elements to be paid attention to

    The traffic sign pole plays a very important role in the traffic operation. Generally, the frame of the sign pole is used as the outdoor monitoring camera equipment. It can meet the requirement of installing a little number of camera equipment to ensure personal safety, so its quality is also ve

  • Installation method of gabion wall

    The installation of gabion net is divided into two aspects1. Installation of gabion net before finished product of gabion net2. Gabion net shall be installed at the construction site before construction图Installation and construction site assembly of gabion netTake out the cell of gabion net from the

  • The authoritative introduction of spiral pile/screw anchor

    The authoritative introduction of spiral pile/screw anchor The screw anchor is a kind of drilling ground pile with screw characteristics, including bit / drill pipe / screw blade and connecting pipe, and the drill pipe is connected with the power source input joint; The pile can be driven into the g

  • Hot sale silt fence control of quicksand,stable gravel surface

    Wire Back Silt Fence attaches engineered and tested woven filter fabric to galvanized mesh to make the finest and most cost effective silt fence system. The purpose of wire back silt fence is to prevent the flow of sediment from leaving the desired site and entering natural drainage ways or storm dr

  • What is the difference between T post and Y post and each applications ?

    What is the difference between T post and Y post and each applications ?T post advantagesIt is a kind of environmental friendly product, can be recovered after years. With nice appearance, easily used,low cost, good theftproof function, it is becoming a substitute products of the current common stee

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